Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hong Kong

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I have been to Paris, London, Tokyo, Seoul, LA, San Francisco, etc... and in my opinion there is no more "International" city than Hong Kong.

This picture was taken on the Kowloon side, which is a peninsula attached to Mainland China. From here I am looking over the harbor to Hong Kong Island. The ferries in the foreground are from the Star Ferry line. For the rate of $5.30 HK (.70 US) you can take a ferry between the 2 sides, worth every cent I promise.

Hong Kong boasts 4 of the 16 tallest buildings in the world, even though it is roughly the land mass of LA and half the population. Thanks to it's designation as an SAR (Special Administrative Region) Hong Kong has become a hub for international businesses. Almost every major bank has offices there.

From a Tourist perspective there are a few solid days worth of stuff to see. Check back here as I detail out some of the sights I have visited (and new ones I will add on future trips).


Joe said...

Love the photo! Michele set me!

Bob-kat said...

That is a great pic.

I took the Statton Island Ferry while I was in NYC and that was totally worthwhile doing too. You also get to see the city the way many residents do too on a ferry ride.

Michele sent me to say hi!

jsdaughter said...

How interesting! Michele sent me tonight

Kimmy said...

I LOVE that picture!


Michele sent me by to say hello... I'll check back in to hear about it all! :)

Have a wonderful time!

Leigh in Atlanta said...

hey my mo lived in hong kong for a while. She said it was awesome except for the really big spiders that made her pee her pants.

michle sent me.

Becky68 said...

What a cool picture, I'd love to travel, but am at a point in my life (young kids- in school) where I'm pretty much either at work or at home & that's it!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

Jerry in Tampa said...

Thanks for sharing part of Hong Kong with us! Great picture too!

Michele sent me - glad I found you and I will be back..

Jerry in Tampa

Carmi said...

The picture has an ethereal quality to it. You're especially good at capturing the spirit of a place!

Popped by from Michele's to wish you a great, relaxing weekend with your fam.