Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Business Class...


OK, I just had to post to say that I finally (after 6 previous trips) got the chance to sit in Business Class on an international flight.

For most Global travelers this might seem mundane, but for a lifelong Economy flyer this was living the dream.

1: "Would you like some Champagne, juice or water?"
2: In your seat you find an "amenity" kit filled with eye covers, ear plugs, fresh socks, and hygiene items
3: A menu is handed out, offering your choice of entrees (3 options) desert choices, salad options, and wine pairings.

Take Off:
After launching in to the air I find that the seat reclined almost flat, with a "recliner" like leg rest as well. Individual screens allow you to watch the movie you choose, and extra large blankets help those of us that are a little wider/longer than others to cover our fat butts

Water service in continuous, sip a little, get some more refilled ASAP. Bathrooms have soap, lotion, and some other bottle, all there to make you feel clean and pretty.
Lunch is served. All on china, with metal silverware (including knives), i receive my first choice, which was a Pork Short Rib designed by Charlie Trotter. Best airline food I have ever had.
Movie snacks are put out in case you get hungry, jump up and grab a sandwich, chips, a crunch bar, whatever.

Nothing special, just more comfortable (and you do get to leave the plane earlier than most)

It is going to be hard to go back to Cattle Class, but I can't count on the free bump everytime and I am NOT paying the extra $3000 for that seat, even though it might be worth every penny...