Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Excellent Engrish

Engrish - (also known as Chinglish) - Bad english found in China (or anywhere is Asia)

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I found this sign in our Hotel Lobby in Yiwu, China.


aka_Monty said...

HAHA! I love the cracks me up.

Jennifer said...

Oy! Would you translate that for me??

David said...

i just saw hu flung poo
cracked me up....
shall we link our far flung blogs????
here from michele
maybe nigerians wrote that sign?

Carmi said...

Their English is better than my Mandarin. I think I have a few images with a similar theme in my archives. You've inspired me to dig 'em up.

Back from Michele's. It's good to have you blogging again.